Is a leaking roof covered by insurance?

Published on: 06/26/24 8:16 AM


If you’re dealing with a leaking roof, it’s understandable that you’re trying to find the most cost-effective way to fix the issue. In this blog, we’re answering the question, is a leaking roof covered by insurance?

What causes a leaking roof?

A leaking roof can be caused by many things. In most cases, it will be due to poor weather conditions. However, it can also be caused by general wear and tear on the roof itself. It’s important that you determine what is causing the roof leak, as this will affect how it can be dealt with.

Other things that may cause roof leaks include poor maintenance, damage by fallen trees or other items and storms in the area. As the homeowner, it’s very important that you take the necessary steps to keep your home’s roof in good condition.

What is roof maintenance?

Roof maintenance means regularly checking your roof for any damage and keeping it as clean as you can. Many people struggle to perform regular roof maintenance for various reasons, so it might be worth looking for a reliable roof maintenance company. Here are some of the jobs that can be completed for roof maintenance.

  • Assess the overall condition of the roof
  • Check for any cracked roof tiles or pipes
  • Remove any dirt or debris from the roof
  • Check any roof vents are able to work effectively
  • Ensure there are no signs of damage caused by animals

Completing these jobs regularly can help you keep your roof in good working order and reduce the risk of damage caused by external factors, such as the weather.

Is a leaking roof covered by insurance?

As with many other things in life, the answer to this question is that it depends. In this case, it depends on your home insurance and the cause of the roof leaks. It’s important to check your insurance policy documents and identify what’s included and what isn’t. The general rule is that if the roof has been damaged due to aspects out of your control, such as the weather or a fallen tree, then your insurance should cover the costs of repair.

However, if your roof has not been well-maintained, and this is evident, you may find yourself being liable for covering the costs. This is because the damage may not have occurred if you had completed the correct level of care for the roof.

Within the insurance policy, your home will usually be covered for damage caused by the weather, theft, vandalism and fire. However, all insurance policies are different, and there may be some instances where these are not included in your policy. You must do your research when selecting a policy to ensure that it covers you to a suitable standard.

I have a roof leak, shall I call my home insurance?

If you notice any damage to your roof, you should make contact with your insurance. They will help you organise repairs if the damage is covered by your policy.

By calling, you can make a homeowners insurance claim for the roof leak.

Does home or buildings insurance cover ceiling damage?

In the same way as your roof, whether or not your ceiling damage will be covered depends on the cause of the damage and how much maintenance you have completed. You will need to provide evidence of any upkeep that you have performed on the roof and the ceiling. In some cases, you may be required to cover the costs of roof leaks yourself.

It’s very important to act quickly when it comes to roof and ceiling repairs, as leaving them can lead to further damage and more serious issues. Your roof and ceiling are vital elements of your home’s integrity and structure. Our roofers in Preston can help with all aspects of your roof.

Will my insurance cover the costs of damage to items in my home?

Generally, your home insurance does not cover you for damage to furniture or items in your home. Instead, you may need to make a claim on your contents insurance. This separate insurance policy covers items in your home from various circumstances, such as damage caused by extreme weather (storm damage) and theft. Again, you will need to check the specific details of what’s included in your contents insurance policy before you make a claim.

Age of roof and insurance

Unfortunately, if you have an older roof, you may find it more difficult to be insured or may be asked to pay more money. This is because there is an increased risk of older roofs becoming damaged. All of the parts are older and, therefore, will naturally be more worn. This makes the roof more susceptible to damage and potentially other issues.

You may be able to bring the cost of the insurance down by showing evidence of regular roof maintenance. The decision will be made by the insurers themselves based on the risks associated with your property’s roof.

How much will a roof leak cost?

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover roof leaks caused by external factors. If the home insurance providers cover the costs, then you will not be required to pay anything. There is no way of knowing how much you will pay if you have to complete the roof repairs yourself. You will need to have your roof leak assessed by a professional if your home insurance provider will not cover the cost.

In a rental property, it is the landlord’s responsibility to organise home insurance policies and repair roof leak damages.

What happens if my home insurance will not pay out for a leaking roof?

In some cases, you may be faced with your insurance company refusing to cover the costs of your roof damage. They will need to provide evidence and reasoning as to why they will not pay out, such as missing tiles, a lack of maintenance work or other issues.

If you are unhappy with the decision, you will need to take it up with your insurer, and they should follow the correct protocol to resolve your complaint. This may be passed from your home insurer to the financial ombudsman. Your insurer’s decision should be provided to you in writing.

Disputes can arise if you cannot provide evidence for roof maintenance having been completed to your home insurance company. This highlights the importance of you keeping hold of any documentation for work that has been completed. This will work in your favour if any disputes arise with your home insurance company. Make sure that you are aware of the details of your home insurance policy.

Is your roof leaking at home or in your business premises? Look no further. We can support you with all aspects of roof repairs and replacement. Contact our friendly team today, who can provide accurate, professional advice regarding your roof. Our roofers in Blackpool will be more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have. We hope this blog has been helpful and answered the question, is a leaking roof covered by insurance?

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  • Guttering leaks
  • Felt and batten damage
  • Loss of ridge tiles
  • Repointing valley ways
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