Dry Ridge & Dry Verge Installers Preston & Blackpool

Dry Ridge and Dry Verge Roof Systems in Preston, Lancashire

Protect your property from damp and bad weather with dry ridge and dry verge roof systems installed by PR Roofing Services. Serving domestic and commercial customers in Preston, Lancashire, we will replace your old wet-bedded cement system and replace it with our fantastic dry roofing solution. Guaranteed for up to 30 years, dry ridge and dry verge systems are installed as standard on new-build properties.

Why renew your roof?

Installing a new dry ridge or dry verge roof has many advantages. Each provides a weather-resistant surface that will withstand storms and all manner of bad weather. Additionally, you will never need to re-point your roof or gable ends. Dry ridge roofs are perfectly ventilated to ensure the surface is breathable. Put simply, upgrading will protect your roof and your property for years to come.

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