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Reliable roof replacements in Preston, Lancashire 

If your roof is damaged beyond repair, turn to PR Roofing Services in Preston, Lancashire for a complete roof replacement. Starting with a free roof survey, we offer expert advice and services to help you determine the condition of your roof. With different roof replacement cost options for all budgets, we provide full re-roofing services for domestic and commercial customers.


Sometimes, simple repairs aren’t enough. When temporary solutions become too expensive, re-roofing is required to prevent further damage to your property. It may be time for a re-roof if you spot various signs of damage persisting, including:

  • Rows of Tiles Starting to Sag
  • Multiple Tiles Falling from Roof
  • Tiles Starting to Perish and Crack
  • Exposed Rotten Battens
  • Several Leaks beyond Repair
Roof Replacement Options

When you choose to replace your roof, we offer honest and professional advice on the best solution for your needs. PR Roofing Services is able to supply and install a variety of different slate and tiles to suit different roof pitches and profiles. We provide a large selection of roof coverings, including:

  • Clay Tile
  • Concrete Tile
  • Lightweight Aluminium Tile
  • Natural Slate
  • Tapco Artificial Slate
Roof Replacement
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